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Deep clean fibres and remove against Covid-19 particles

We all deserve to relax in our favourite chair but when you run a busy home or business, finding time to deep clean and remove hidden allergens is hard.

Failure to deeply sanitise your furniture can lead to allergens and pests.

Aged and ground in old stains are harder to remove, especially on arm chairs.

Regular use of house hold cleaning products can damage fabrics beyond repair.

Many local cleaning companies lack the necessary experience and insurance to clean high-end fabrics. 

Spend your time on the things you love, hand off your tricky upholstery cleaning to the professionals!

Award-winning and 5-star rated upholstery cleaning near you

Our professional upholstery cleaning service instantly breaths new life into sofa's, armchairs and bench seating.

Fully sanitise high-use furniture.

Deodorise fabrics from daily grime, viruses, cooking or pet smells.

Remove harmful allergens.

Deep clean ingrained pet hairs and pests.

Extend the life of your sofa's armchairs, dining room or commercial seating.

Sanitise and protect against Covid-19 without damaging sensitive fabrics.

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Why Property Clean?

Award-Winning & Experienced

With over 11 years of experience, Property Clean has also been awarded Best Carpet Cleaners in Rhondda Cynon Taff 2 years running! 

Covid-19 Infection Control & Bio Fogging Accredited 

Property Clean holds the latest certification and accreditation for infection control, bio fogging, and bio-hazard decontamination.

Best In Class Equipment and Machinery 

All our equipment is properly maintained and state of the art, meaning your home or business will be cleaned both thoroughly and quickly.

Eco, Child, and Pet friendly

All of our cleaning agents are safe, so you don’t have to worry about chemical dangers or fumes lingering around your home or business.

Highly Qualified and Fully Insured

Our team is trained in everything from carpet cleaning, stain removal, infection control, and even decontaminating crime scenes. We have the necessary industry recognised qualifications and expertise to care for your home and office.

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Lucy Breakspear

" Fantastic service from Property Clean today. My cream carpet that had suffered the brunt of building repairs came up like new. Highly recommended. Thank you Property Clean "

Elaine Hardy

" These guys came today to clean my sofas and large rug, they all came up like new . I recommend this company, so professional and friendly, definitely 5/5. If you need a carpet or suite cleaned, give these guys a call "  

Samantha Watkins

" I had my carpets and sofas cleaned by these guys the other day. They did a fantastic job! My sofa looks brand new and I've never seen my carpet look so clean. Would definitely recommend this company  "  

4 common household upholstery bugs that roam around your home

Bed Bugs

What are they?

Bed Bugs are human-blood feeding parasites. Infestations are found mostly in bedrooms where they are close to their sleeping human hosts. During the day, they harbour in cracks and crevices and emerge at night to feed. Infestations are more common today than they have been for the past few decades. While their name suggests they mostly reside in beds, up to 40% will live in furniture.

How can they harm us?

Bed Bug bites can occur on any part of the body causing welts and irritation.

How to remove them?

A thorough inspection is required by a professional, and sometimes the use of bed bug monitors. Then a treatment strategy can begin. For complete peace of mind, contact us about scheduling a deep clean.


What are they?

Fleas are known to live on pets, but these tiny insects can also infest carpets and clothing. Their powerful legs allow them to jump large distances for spreading. Adult fleas can lay up to 400 eggs, but if they don’t sense food nearby, they can remain dormant for up to one year, waiting for a passing host.

How can they harm us?

While fleas prefer to feed on animals like pets, they will feed on human blood if their preferred animal is not nearby. They can inflict disease, pain, and discomfort.

How to remove them?

To get rid of Fleas, both the adult fleas and the eggs must be taken care of. It’s important to hire a professional to avoid re-infection of missed eggs. For complete peace of mind, contact us about scheduling a deep clean.

Dust Mites

What are they?

Dust Mites are blood-feeding parasites from bird nests that migrate into homes and buildings once their food source has left. They prefer to live in materials similar to that of nests, such as carpet fibres.

How can they harm us?

Dust Mites will feed on human blood and leave small red bite marks, along with irritation and itching.

How to remove them?

First, the source nest needs to be located and removed, then the nest site treated. Infested areas of the property should also be treated to keep them from migrating further. For complete peace of mind, contact us about scheduling a deep clean.


What are they?

Larvae are the tiny pests that hatch from eggs laid by adult pests of many kinds. They hatch and are usually very hungry to consume any fibrous matter nearby.

How can they harm us?

Larvae have voracious appetites and will begin eating as soon as they emerge, consuming carpet, upholstery, and fabric of any kind.

How to remove them?

It’s important to remove eggs before they hatch, as well as the larvae that have already emerged. A professional will know how to be thorough and prevent reinfection. For complete peace of mind, contact us about scheduling a deep clean.

Stop sitting or lying on it. Get it cleaned!

More people in the UK need to understand that just because sofa looks clean, doesn’t mean that it is clean.  

  • 46% of cat and dog owners admitted to never washing their pets and 12% claim they've been told their house "smells of dog".  

  • One in 10 Brits never clean their sofas, despite three quarters of them being stained with food, drink and even bodily fluids! 

  • A single dust mite can produces about 20 waste droppings every day, equating to around 20,000 particles of faeces in every cubic foot of air.”

*Source Bissell Direct,, Distinctive Chesterfields. 

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